In the Gardener's Chronicle of January 11th, page 55, R. B., of Philadelphia, speaks in glowing terms of the Rose Bon Silene. Now, Mr. Editor, the Bon Silene is an old rose, known to me and has been in my possession for thirty years here in Memphis. It nearly went out of existence, until certain quacks in New York resurrected the old favorite rose Golconda and called it Bon Silene. Both these roses are very fine, and Golconda is the true name of the rose now scattered as Bon Silene; and the true B. S. I have not found outside of what I have. It is Devoniensis in shape and appearance of flower. color dark cherry red, very distinct and striking.

In fact I know of no rose, take it all in all, so strikingly grand as the true Bon Silene; that with the true Leveson Gower I have kept for my own pleasure, and not in thirty years have I sold a plant of either.

[With this S. sent some specimens of each, which bear out what he says of the difference between the two. - Ed. G. M].