Last Fall I got from Philadelphia a plant of the new Japan Maple, Japohicum atrosan-guineum. I planted it out, turned an old nail keg over it which was minus one stave, all joints open and half the head turned down. I thought to protect it from the cold and the rabbits. After the loss of my Japanese Persimons, I was anxious to examine my new maple, and to my delight, not one bud was injured.

In the Spring I got three more from New York, and these are growing and doing well, and I expect to try other sorts now.

The four I have are said to he the best of the collection, and I can say safely, although small, they must be seen to be appreciated. No description that my pen can give is sufficient to do them justice. Their varied colors are yet unimpared, and as they gain in size, no doubt they will be exceedingly beautiful.

*The record for Sapporo is complete for only two years.