This distinguished gen-tleman, who has given so much of an active life unselfishly to the best interests of Philadelphia, and to whom Fairmount Park owes so much, recently passed his eighty-second birthday, on which occasion the inhabitants of West Chester gave him a brilliant ovation. Referring to this, a city paper incidentally says:

"As a lawyer his ambition has been to elevate that profession, and among his achievements in legal literature was the production of a valuable work on "Limitations of Actions and Liens Against Real Estate." He is also the author of the Real Estate Act of April 18, 1853, better known as "The Price Act." As a member of the Park Commission he has shown great interest in that grand public resort, and it is partly due to his interest in our city that Philadelphia is soon to have a forestry museum established in the park. He is an enthusiast on botanical matters, and his residence in this city is surrounded by some of the choicest plants obtainable".