Who has not admired the fantastic floral devices that may often be seen on frozen glass through the crystallization of water during hard frost in Winter? These are so interesting and beautiful that for some time past endeavors have been made to reproduce them in drawings, but the most exact likeness of them has been obtained by means of photography. This has been done by M. A. Martin-Flammarion, and the engraving, taken from his stereotype, proves how well he has succeeded. No great stretch of imagination would be required to believe them to represent a bouquet of delicate flowers and fern leaves, embroidered on a thin curtain of light and shade. A few years ago M. Haas succeeded in fixing these charming devices on glass in the following manner : He exposed to the cold a horizontal sheet of glass slightly covered with water, on the top of which was put some enamel powder. The rime formed itself, and when the ice evaporated the floral representations were formed in enamel. Placing the glass thus prepared in an oven, the enamel, in melting, fixed in a durable and permanent manner the crystallizations. - Garden.