Col. Forney's Progress says of flowers in Philadelphia :

" A love of flowers is spreading throughout the whole community with surprising rapidity, and the evidences of this new fondness are seen on every hand. The corners of our thorougfares are blooming like parterres, tiny bunches of blossoms are offered for sale on the sidewalks, while gentlemen and ladies seem equally ready to follow the pretty fashion of affixing the buttonhole bouquet to their dress. Perhaps one of the happiest results of this popular fancy is seen in the window gardens. Along the crowded and too restricted lines of our great shopping streets, where every inch of room is valued for its capacity of display, and where the many-storied shops seem shutting out the sky, we now see exquisite groups of flowers and draperies of vines decorating the narrow spaces over the windows and awnings, and bringing delicious glimpses of the freshness of growing verdure into the regions of the dry goods merchant. The arid desert of the hotel front now, too, blooms into garden beauty, and portico and window are adorned with graceful plants. This fondness for flowers is partly due to a freak of fashion, but it may also be welcomed as a forerunner of individual enfranchisement in matters of taste.

A heavy formality, rather dull than dignified, has too long governed the decorations of our houses, and an ever-increasing diffusion of artistic culture must necessarily spread among the nation as it becomes generally recognized that beauty of effect can be accepted instead of ex-pensiveness of material, and that inventive talent and artistic taste find one of their worthiest fields of service in adding to the beauty and comforts of our homes".