Wm Saunders of London, Ontario, well known for his horticultural experience, as well as distinguished as the editor of the Canadian Entomologist, finds the Dalmatian Insect Powder, made from Pyrethrum cinerariae-folium, an excellent insecticide. He says :

"House flies are very sensitive to the effects of these powders. A few puffs of the dust from an insect gun, blown into the air of a room with the doors closed, the discharges directed towards those parts where flies are congregated, will stupefy and kill them within a very short time. The powder is somewhat pungent, and to breathe an atmosphere charged with it will frequently cause a slight sneezing, but beyond this the operator need not anticipate any annoyance. Frequently during the past Summer, when flies have been troublesome, we have pretty thoroughly charged the air in our dining-room and kitchen at night, closing the doors, and in the morning found all, or nearly all the flies lying dead on the floors. A few minutes after its use they begin to drop on their backs, and after a very short time die; if a room be closed for half an hour after using the powder, few, if any will escape".

He finds it as good against Aphides and other plant lice. Much superior in its results to tobacco smoke.