Insectivorous Plants

An interesting paper on Mr. Henderson's article, has unfortunately been crowded to our next.

Cure For The Florida Ant Pest

C. E's. valuable article we hope to give in our next.

Thomas Wood, Sr

Mr. Wood, recently deceased, at an advanced age, at Burlington, N. J., was in early life a gardener, and had charge of the celebrated Bonaparte's place, near that city, when the king of Italy was an exile in our country. Mr. Wood accumulated considerable property, and through a life extending beyond three-score and ten, retained the esteem and confidence of all who knew him. For many years he was one of the chief leaders in the city councils of Burlington.

Discussions On Horticultural Education In Michigan

At the June Meeting of the Michigan State Pomological Society, during twelve weeks, Prof. Beal gave daily lectures to students. Many of these were given in the open air, with the trees and plants about them. In his pamphlet Prof. Beal gives details of the subjects treated, and shows how excellent this practical mode of teaching is.

Penn Monthly

This magazine, devoted to literature, science, art and politics, and issued by the Penn Monthly Association, of Philadelphia, is now entering its tenth year. It is very popular with those who love solid thought on the various aspects of human life.

The Popular Science Monthly

Comes regularly to our table, and is one of the most welcome visitors. It keeps one informed on all that is passing in the progress of science, especially of those branches of science that are applicable to the great questions of the day.

Nursery Of P. J. Breckman, Augusta, Ga

The Scientific American, says that there is a returning prosperity through the South, and: that it is evidenced, especially by the annually increasing sales of P. J. Berckmans' nursery at Augusta, Georgia. The correspondent speaks of the avenue of Magnolia grandiflora, at the entrance of the nurseries, as magnificient, and the specimen of Coniferous trees on the grounds, equal in beauty to anything he has seen North.

Western New York Horticultural Society

The Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting of the Western New York Horticultural Society will convene in Rochester, Wednesday, January 22, 1879, and probably hold three days. As our circular will be issued too late for your January number, will you please call notice to the meeting and greatly oblige, P. C. Reynolds, Secretary.

Pennsylvania Fruit-Growers' Society

The Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Fruit-Growers' Society will be held in Reading, Pa., on third Wednesday, January 15, 1879. Prominent horticulturists will be present, and interesting essays and discussions on horticultural subjects may be expected. All interested are respectfully invited to be present.