There are many little plagues to the rose culturist, especially to those who may have a few plants in pots. Dingee & Conard in their admirable "guide to rose culture," just issued, have the following note about the two worst pests. Coming from a firm that makes a specialty of rose growing, it will tell all that is probably known of the subject:

"Red Spider is a very minute insect, first appearing on the underside of the leaves, and though difficult to to see unless present in considerable numbers, its effects are quickly noticeable by the browned or deadened appearance of the leaves.

It flourishes best in a hot dry atmosphere, either in doors or out; moisture is its greatest enemy. Sprinkle or wash your plants frequently, taking care to wet the underside of the leaves thoroughly, and you will not be troubled with red spider. In bad attacks it may be necessary to sponge the leaves daily with warm water until the pest is thoroughly destroyed.

"The Aphis or Green Fly attacks the young growth, and will first be found at the extremities of the branches. It feeds on the juices of the plant, and will soon starve and sicken the whole bush. Remedy: tobacco smoke. This is easily applied by covering the plant with a box or barrel, or even a quilt and putting under a pan of burning tobacco; the smoke should remain on an hour or more. If the insects are very bad it may take frequent applications, but it is a sure cure. A strong tea of tobacco will answer the same purpose, if more convenient to apply. The infected part may be dipped in, or the whole plant thoroughly sprinkled as often as may be necessary. For house plants when tobacco is not desirable, a hot water bath is almost equally effective. The water should be as warm as the hand can bear, and the whole top of the plant immersed two or three times in succession, only two seconds at a time".