January 1879. Flower Garden And Pleasure Ground. Editorial Notes

Fuchsias and Ivy. By selecting kinds adapted to open air flowering, and associating them with Ivy, an English correspondent of the Garden finds an admirable combination in Summer gardening.

Japan Bulbs

These will perhaps take rank in importance with Dutch bulbs. Enormous numbers are already annually imported. Good Lilium auratums were recently sold at auction in New York.

The Plane As A Street Tree

It seems strange, considering the number of years the Plane tree has been known in England, that the discovery is but recently made that the Plane is the best of all shade trees for London streets.

Dwarf Pampas Grass

The dwarf Pampas Grass exhibited by Mr. C. Noble at the last meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society, under the designation of Gynerium argenteum, will be found of considerable value in small gardens in which the normal form would, owing to its gigantic size, be out of place. This dwarf variety attains, when fully developed, a height of five feet, and differs from the species in size only.

Rose Jules Chretien

Messrs. Aug. Rolker and Sons, send us a colored plate of this new Hybrid Perpetual. It is in the way of the well known Geant des Battailles in the color and form of the flower, and measures four and a half inches across.

Magnolia Stellata

In the September number of the American Agriculturist is an article evidently from the pen of that excellent botanist Prof. Thurber, which shows that the Magnolia going out in the nurseries as Magnolia Halleana is really an old species named Magnolia stellata.

Improving The Christmas Rose

A German florist has succeeded in breaking up the Helle-borus niger into a great number of beautiful varieties. A colored plate before us represents them as purple, white, yellowish, and many with rose and white in many mottled and blotched ways. It is a very good beginning in the improvement of an old and popular flower.

Single Dahlias

The Dahlia seems to have been improved in the double direction, as far as the florist can push it. He is now at work on the single ones. Some remarkably beautiful ones are said to have been produced the past year in England.

Honors To A Florist

It is said that the English florist Mr. John Wills, has been offered by the French Government the decoration of Knight of the Legion of Honor, in consideration of the remarkable beauty and continuous perfection of his tropical garden in the Exhibition. It is not likely the English Government will permit him to accept the decoration.