W. K. T., Little Rock, Ark., writes: "Would you please give us an article in the next issue of the Gardener's Monthly, giving the modus operandi of June budding peach trees, time of cutting buds, and everything connected with this manner of budding, and oblige a number of your readers".

[Grafts are cut in the Spring, just as if you intend to do regular Spring grafting. Instead of this the long cuttings or scions are put into the ground, or the cellar, or any other place where they will keep alive, and yet the buds not push into growth. The buds of these last year's shoots are then used to bud in June, and they push out and make quite good trees before Fall. - Ed. G.M].

Allow me to correct your answer to W. K. S. in regard to June budding. The mode practiced by nurserymen is to cut the buds from the young growth made the same season prior to the time of budding, say from the first to the twentieth of June. They can be used quite young and succulent. The seed is planted as early as possible in Spring and plants are budded as soon in June as possible, from four to six inches above the ground. The buds inserted same as in common budding, and tied with cotton twine instead of mat as in common budding. There are many details about it. If W. K. S. wishes to know fully about it I will give him full particulars by sending him a small tree with the operation all performed, which will give him a much more perfect idea than I can do with my pen.