For many years we continued to call attention to the simple but yet rare beauty of the Lopezia as a Winter blooming plant. In spite of our recommendation it has been allowed to disappear, and we should not now know where to look for a plant. It seems to have had the same experience in England, as we judge from the following paragraph from the Gardener's Chronicle:

"The old Mexican Lopezia coronata is now to be seen in charming condition at Malshanger Park, Basingstoke, the residence of W. S. Portal, Esq. Mr. N. Keller, the gardener at Malshanger, is using it as a plant for flowering at Christmas, and he has now several examples in full bloom. The plants, which were raised from cuttings in March last, were in June turned out in the open ground for the Summer, and lifted and potted in September. Treated in this way they have grown into large size, and Mr. Keller, being deficient in house accommodation, had to throw some of the largest away. It is not difficult to have plants three to four feet high, and as many through flowering at Christmas. The Lopezia is not unlike a Fuchsia in its habit of growth, but with much smaller foliage and small reddish colored flowers. After potting in September the plants should be placed in a gentle heat to bring them on into bloom. How many fine old things there are that well deserve rescuing from the obscurity into which they have fallen".