Lucie Lemoine (Lemoine)

Flowers large; rather loose; of a very pale lilac color, with dark veins on the upper petals. Free flowering.

Mademoiselle Adrienne Barat [Lemoine)

Flowers large and very double, pale lilac. Very free flowering and fine habit.

Sarah Bernhardt (Lemoine)

Flowers almost white, the upper petals veined and tinged with lilac. Free flowering. Robust growth.

Viscountess Cranbrook (Lemoine)

Flowers large and full, white, shaded with rosy-lilac color. A pretty variety. Free flowering.

Classification of varieties according to color.

Flowers White Or Very Pale Lilac

Lucie Lemoine, Madame Emille Galle, Sarah Bernhardt, Renoncle, and Viscountess Cranbrook.

Flowers Pale Lilac

A.F. Barron,a L Fiancee, and Mademoiselle Adrienne Barat.

Flowers Dark Lilac

Elfrida, Madame Perle, and Konig Albert. - Royal Horticultural Society's Journal.

Gloxinia Crassifola Grandiflora

A strain of Gloxinia, quite distinct. The leaves which are very broad and fleshy, recurve so as to almost cover the pot; the flowers, which are much larger than in the old sorts, are of very rich shades of color and fine form. By sowing on a gentle hotbed in January and February, they may be had in bloom in the following Autumn, and seedling plants always yield much the finest blooms. - Gardener's Chronicle.

Agapanthus Umbellatus

S. B. B., War-renton, Va. The blue flower sent belongs to this plant. It was once a very popular plant under culture, but has become scarce, much more so than it deserves to be.

Very Early Peaches

The fruit promised by Mr. John H. Parnell, of West Point, Georgia, came duly to hand on the 25th of last month. The Early Beatrice came in the best condition. As a matter of profit it is doubtful whether these very early peaches would be a success in the Philadelphia market. The fruit is not equal in quality to the later kinds, and as they come in the height of the strawberry season, we fancy the latter fruit would keep the lead in most tastes.

Fruit Of The Japan Persimmon

We have been desirous to know whether the Japan Persimmon, so very grateful to the palate in the dried form as received from Asia, is desirable as a fresh fruit. Dr. Calder who served some years as a missionary in China, informs us that it is one of the most agreeable of fruits, and quite free from that astringency which gives to the American variety its defective character.

Peaches In New Hampshire

Mr. Jacob Manning tells the American Cultivator that he saw hundreds of bushels of beautiful fruit in Goffstown, New Hampshire, last year, and that theyseldom fail of a full crop on such high hill farms in that State. He thinks there will be a full crop and the " whole land may hope for peaches this year".