Malus Halleana

A beautiful variety of the apple, with flowers of a lively deep rose color at the base, and a lighter shade at the edges.

Moras Tokwa

A fine species of mulberry, much resembling. Morus multicaulis,or silk-worm tree.

Planera Kiaki

Japanese Plane-tree. Avery fine tree, with large smooth glossy leaves, deeply dentated.

Pterostyrax Hispidum

An exceedingly handsome shrub or low tree, bearing in Spring graceful pendant clusters of creamy-white Deutzia-like flowers, with a delicate and grateful odor. Foliage large and handsome.

Quercus Daimyo

A very rare and handsome oak of great value, with large, broad, oval, leathery leaves of a glossy dark green color, and covered with a brownish down when they first unfold.

Rhodotypos Kerrioides

A very pretty shrub with numerous pure white flowers, resembling those of the Althea, but smaller.

Salix Sieboldiana

A very strong growing and distinct species, with larger leaves than is usual.

Spirea Crispifolia

A beautiful compact little bush, with small, dark green, curled leaves, and bearing numerous delicate pink flowers throughout the season.

Actinidia Polygama

A beautiful climber of elegant appearance, with flowers small and white, like those of the Tea Plant, and very sweet.

Cocculus Japonicus

Attractive twiners, resembling Menispermum, with yellowish flowers in June, followed by very ornamental scarlet berries.

Dolichos Japonicus

A handsome and very rapid growing twiner, resembling the Wistaria, with very long racemes of flowers, in which are mixed the purple and white colors.

Wistaria Japonica

A very handsome and rapid growing climber, with purplish blue flowers on immense racemes, about two feet long. This and its varieties are all shy bloomers until well grown, in a sheltered spot.

Pinus Densiflora. Japanese Red Pine

A very fine ornamental tree, of compact habit, with long spreading branches and bark of an ashy-gray color. Foliage of a fine dark green.

Hardiness Of The Climbing Hydrangea

A correspondent at Paoli, Ind., says: "Will some one who has tried the climbing Hydrangea be so kind as to tell me whether it is hardy north of Kentucky or not? I have an H. panicu-lata bush I bought last Spring. Last Fall it bore two very large trusses of flowers besides several smaller ones. I am a fond admirer of hardy flowers. I have several varieties, but think there is none equal to my H. p. If the c. H. is hardy I shall secure a plant this Spring".

Sophora Speciosa

A Texan correspondent writes: "We have a broad leaf evergreen here that is the perfection of beauty. Sophora spe-ciosa, a native of this region, ten to twenty feet high; leaf oval, very bright green, flowers purple, pea-shaped, in large clusters; blooms abundantly; a fragrance equal to Cape Jasmine. There is a thicket of Sophora on my premises that I have, under favorable circumstances smelled at a distance of 400 yards".