Mr. Rand, as is well known, made a trip to Brazil, a couple of years ago, with the intention of returning in a few months, but he has concluded to remain there longer yet. He seems quite enraptured with the climate, and writing from Trinity says: "My plan was at first to remain only a few months in Brazil, but I am every day more and more enchanted with this magnificent region, and I have little wish to come home. The climate is the lovliest and most healthy in the world; there are no extremes of heat and coldr the temperature is always just right; sometimes for weeks, night and day, the thermometer will not vary one degree from 76° Fah. There is no malaria, no insect pest, everything is always-bright and green yet without excessive rain; there are no sultry days, no hot nights, no changes of temperature such as we have in the United States. I wish you could see the orchids, flowers and fruit by which I am surrounded. In a short time I go up the river some thousand miles, to near the Peruvian frontier, and hope to explore the Andean valleys which are said to be among the richest in floral wealth of any region in the world".