Our readers have mostly learned ere this of the decease of Dr. Klippart, the Secretary of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, in which connection he has been best known, though his services both to botany and horticulture deserve a lasting record. An intelligent lady correspondent, who knew him many years, and well, pays the following tribute to his memory, and we are quite sure that the estimate she has of his character and worth, is the sentiment of all who knew this worthy man. She says: "In my opinion, there are few such men as he was. He worked unremittingly; although in delicate health, for some years, he gave him-self no rest or recreation; he seemed to feel that one life was too short to accomplish all that was demanded of him. He died of no disease, but literally from overwork. It seemed to me, that it was scarcely possible to ask him a question upon almost any scientific subject, to which he could not give a clear, concise, satisfactory answer. He had collected a very fine library, which he had studied and knew thoroughly".

It was the privilege of the editor of this magazine to recommend him to the advisers of President Hayes, on his accession to office, as a fitting person for Commissioner of Agriculture, and this, without any knowledge of it on the part of Mr. Klippart. It was understood that too many appointments by the President from his State, might not be well received by the nation; but it shows the high estimate put on Mr. Klip-part's abilities.