Mr. W. A. Sanders, writing to the Pacific Rural Press, says: " Vandalism may sound harsh, but no milder one will express the way that some of these trees have been mutilated. There is an abundance of bark and wood obtainable from fallen trees; this ought to suffice; but it does not. Visitors have mutilated some of the finest trees in the grove for relics to carry away. I believe that, had the body of Washington, the revered ' Father of our Country,' been embalmed, so that we could look upon his features as in life, there are people who would not be content without breaking off a piece of an ear or digging out an eye to carry off as mementoes of their visit to his tomb. This ought to be stopped. One of these forest giants must soon yield its life to the rapacity of these relic hunters. But that is not the end. Other trees will follow in disfigurement and destruction, as the number of visitors increases, until all will be deformed and dead; victims to a practice which, by statue, ought to be made criminal".