The adjourned meeting of the fruit growers took place at Sherman recently. The meeting was held in the court house, and the chairman pro tern., Jesse W. Bell, called the meeting to order at 2 P. M. The attendance was not large, but there was a fair representation of the fruit interests of the county, and Mr. E. H. Adams, of Bonham, was present to speak for Fannin county.

After the reading of the minutes of the former meeting by the secretary, Mr. T. V. Munson, and a communication from C. C. Bell, of Denton, Elder C. S. Burns offered a resolution that those who were willing to become members of a Pomological Society, such as it was proposed to organize, give in their names to the secretary. Sixteen men put down their names for membership. On motion of Elder Burns, the meeting then proceeded to elect permanent officers, resulting as follows : President, H. C. Chittenden; vice-president, Jesse W. Bell; secretary, T. V. Munson; treasurer, W. Robinson.

On motion of Mr. G. Alkire, the fee of membership was fixed at fifty cents.

On motion of Mr. Adams of Bonham, it was resolved that the name of the society be The North Texas Pomological Society.

A motion by Mr. Munson that the Friday preceding the last Saturday in March, be the time for holding the next meeting, and Denison the place, was unanimously adopted.