We are not in the advance in the suggestion that orchids will in time become popular room plants, for we find in Mr. Grieves' catalogue the following list as having been found to do well under such circumstances :

Temperature not below 40° nor above 60° during winter. Keeping always moderately moist.

Barkeria Skinnerii. " spectabilis. Cypripedium barbatum. " spectabile.

" venustum.

" insigne.

" villosum.

" hirsutissimum.

" Schlimmii.

Dendrobium nobile.

" transparens.

" heterocarpum.

Lycaste Skinnerii. " aromatica. " cruenta. Masdevallia Lindenii. " tovarensis. ignea. (The above are very cool growing plants, .and will grow freely in a close humid case.) Oncidium flexuosum. " obryzatum. Odontoglossum Alexandra. Pescatorei. " nebulosum.

" Lindleyana.

" grande.

(Nearly all the species of the above group may be grown in a case or under a shade.) Pleione maculata. " Wallichii. Sophronites cernua.

" grandiflora. (These last grow best on flat blocks of wood suspended on the sides of the case.