The Journal of Commerce says:

" The three States of Michigan, "Wisconsin and Minnesota are the only ones that have a supply of timber beyond their own necessities, and at present rate of consumption, their forests are soon likely to be robbed of the riches which a few years ago were thought inexhaustible. At the present rate of demand six years will exhaust the supply of white pine that these States now afford. Many persons have relied upon the forests of Canada after our own are entirely despoiled, but the statement of experts go to prove that Canada has not a sufficient quantity to last us three years. In view of these facts, it seems to be the bounden duty of our Legislatures, both National and State, to take early and active steps to preserve our forests from useless destruction, and to encourage the growth of new timber land".

The great difficulty in all these suggestions about "legislation" is that no one is able to tell the Legislatures how to legislate to any advantage. When the members of the Legislature ask for this information they are generally told "See how they do it in Europe." European governments own the people. In America the people own the government, or are supposed so to do. No one here wants the government to go into the foresting business " as they do 'in Europe " - at least no one ought to want it. All that is left is to encourage individual enterprize. But this can best be done by the agricultural papers. If there is to be no more white pine " after six years," the one who has a few hundred acres of white pine will surely have a nice little fortune, and the average "Yank" is not slow to go into a fortune when it can be shown to be surely before him. But the great trouble is to make the capitalist believe there is this "imminent scarcity." Let those who dread it show that it is not mere vague apprehension, but solid fact, and there will need very little legislation to induce the people to go into the forestry business. - Philadelphia Press.