J. A. McK., Cynthiana, Ky., asks: "Will some of our experts tell me just the modern mode of budding. How it is that one can bud, with a tyer, anything like-five thousand peaches in a single day ? We can bud on possibly two thousand, but when another can do five times as much, I beg that he will tell me all the particulars, as well as it can be done on paper, just how he gets down to his work. How he holds his knife, his buds, etc, and altogether just how he proceeds to operate with such rapidity; what knife is used; what is the best substance for ties; just how applied; also treatment of the buds afterwards; whether ties are ever removed; whether buds are protected in Winter, and how; at what time relative to the swelling of the buds to cut of the stock; and whether it is necessary to cut more than once?"