The peach growers of Michigan seem to be in a great way about the yellows. I neither see nor hear of it here now, but before peach growing became a science, trees were planted in any kind of soil and not cared for, and you could see it anywhere. I consider the yellows in the peach as a very small thing and easily managed. If your orchard (it should be on nice light dry soil, for it is no use to put it on wet or heavy ground,) is / say in bearing, clean out the worms and apply one to two shovelsfull of wood ashes, according to the size of the tree. If you plow in the Fall do so again in the Spring, and use the cultivator till the peaches get as big as the end of your thumb. Keep this up, and don't neglect it even if your peaches have been killed this Winter. If this is done and you don't succeed, you may say your land is not adapted for peaches, and pull up your trees.

When a young plantation is put out it is customary to plant in corn for three years and cultivate well. In trimming cut all dead wood and just enough of the limbs for the horses to go under.