A correspondent writes: "H. Cannell's new geranium New Life, figured on page 330, November 1877, is now in bloom at the greenhouse of Mr. Daniel Barker, Norfolk, Va. It is indeed a novelty in the truest sense of the term, and one that gives promise of being of the greatest value. The style of marking is very singular, though somewhat disappointing to one who has formed his idea from your engraving. The petals are not as regularly marked or striped, though that is occasionally the case. The white is scattered in minute pieces often, and as often the total absence of white is noticed and occasionally a flower will present half the exact counterpart of the grand old "Glorie de Corbonay," the other half, most curiously variegated or wholly scarlet. I have seen some petals divided exactly in the center, half white and half scarlet. It is indeed a gem no lover of that useful family will long be without".