Dr. Englemann decides what has been known as Abies Menziesii of Colorado, and the Abies Menziesii of the Pacific coast to be two distinct species, and has named the Colorado plant Picea pungens. It is to be regretted that this name has been chosen, as on account of the confusion of generic names that exists among the coniferae, it is like making two of one kind, as we already have a Pinus pungens. It may be as well to repeat what has been before noted in this magazine, that the plants known as Abies under botanical rules are Picea, and that those known as Picea are properly Abies. The transposition of these names, begun in error, has been so widely circulated that even botanists have held it hopeless to attempt correction, and have mostly yielded to the wrong. Dr. Englemann believes in always sticking to the right, regardless of success, and this is why he uses Picea in speaking of this spruce.