We have a request to publish a series of articles on "Plant Patents," which we have to decline, because we have already given a great deal of space to the subject, and see nothing new in the proposed treatment now. Willing as we are to give the utmost freedom to our contributors in the use of our very limited space, we look on this project as sheer waste of type, and have inserted articles on it in the past, solely because we would not be regarded as unfair to those who differ from us. We admit and deplore the fact that those who introduce new things are generally poorly paid. We are ready to advocate anything that would add to their rewards. We oppose the "patent" project, as our readers know, because it cannot possibly work as its advocates suppose, but it would make matters worse than they are now.

We gave Mr. Glen a full and free hearing because his proposition to patent names was new, though it seemed to us as impracticable as to patent the plants themselves. If any new suggestion be made we may publish it whether it commends itself to the editorial judgment or not.