The learned works on the science of political economy, like works on all other sciences have to be re-written from time to time, as new facts come forward to modify old ones. Some curious results have been found to follow in Canada from the import duties on garden produce from the United States. The Canadians at one time produced little of these, because, said they, " where is the use when Americans can raise these things cheaper than we can?" So they enacted import duties, and the result was that they fell to competing among themselves, and the Toronto Globe says, never in all Canadian history was the market so glutted with all kinds of vegetables, and, as a consequence have prices ruled so low.

Precisely has been the experience in the United States. Heavy foreign houses crushed out home competition and controlled the markets, keeping prices high; but as soon as they were kept off, home firms competed with one another, until prices fell below what they were in olden times. And yet this is not what we learned of "political economy" in our younger day.