Speaking of a Royal marriage last Spring, the London Gardener's Chronicle gives the following details, which may serve to show of what flowers the most "Royal" bouquets are made in the Old World at the present time : "There were also fifty bouquets of choice white flowers - Eucharis, Spiraeas, Camellias, Lily of the Valley, etc. - surmounting pyramidal stands two feet high of the confectioner's delicacies; the whole combining to make up such a floral feast as is seldom seen. The banquet to the Ambassadors, etc, was served in St. George's Hall. Here larger plants were used, including Azaleas, Begonias, Arecas, Sabals, Daemonorops, etc, in all twenty pairs, and fifty bouquets similar to those before-named, but with the flowers of various colors. The bride's bouquet was, by special permission, presented by Messrs. James Veitch & Sons, of Chelsea; and Her Majesty, and the Crown Princess of Germany accepted bouquets from the same firm, while Mr. John Wills had the honor of presenting a bouquet to Her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians. Mr. Jones provided bouquets for the other Royal and distinguished visitors, and these were made up with Gardenias, Eucharis, Lily of the Valley, white Camellias, Roses, Bouvardias, Orchids, etc.

We are pleased to hear that Mr. Jones has since received, through the Lord Steward of Her Majesty's household, a letter expressing the Sovereign's entire satisfaction with the whole of the decorations and arrangements carried out in the department under his charge".