A Halifax, Xova Scotia, correspondent writes : "Enclosed please find a branch of a small Evergreen, found some hundred mile South from here, and which puzzles our people here. I have placed it among the Vacciniums, but have thought it may be Andromeda, would you please note it and answer as to the name, in the Gardener's Monthly".

[It is one of the Hollies, Prinos or Ilex verticillata; a very pretty dwarf Evergreen, and well worth cultivating. - Ed. G. M].

By a singular slip of the pen, we wrote "Prinos verticillata," instead of P. glaber. Prinos glaber, is the only evergreen of this genus in the Northern States, unless we accept the views of some botanists, that Prinos is not distinct from Ilex, or the true hollies.