From E. W. Lincoln, secretary. This always comes welcomed to our tables because it is always full of information and valuable suggestions appropriate to all the country as well as to a small county in Mass. In this for instance, we see mooted an idea we have often urged on our readers, that the present system of competition by schedule, useful in the past is an absurdity, and should be abandoned for the plan of competition with itself. An article by Smith should not have a premium because it is better than Brown's, but because it is better than average specimens of its own kind. In this society under the old "schedule system," the secretary says "two or three ladies, usually the same throughout the season, monopolise our premiums for flowers arranged." Of course judging on the intrinsic merits of articles exhibited will require a higher order of judges than is now sufficient to test the comparison between two exhibitor's collections, but it must come to this before these meetings become popular with exhibitors.