This distinguished botanist, author of the celebrated work the "Illustrated Flora of Germany," died on the 17th of March last, in the 87th year of his age. Prof.

C. F. Reichenbach, known especially for his knowledge of Orchidacese, is his son.

Transactions of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Part II., 1878 - From Robt. Manning, Secretary. The Report of the House Committee shows that new and scarce plants are in good demand. The curious and interesting tribe of Orchidaceae are very well represented at the exhibitions. Forced Strawberries appeared last year on the tables in April, and those from cool frames, on the 25th of May. La Constante, a very old variety was the best strawberry exhibited during the season. The Committee deem it "capricious," many seasons being unfavorable to it. The seedlings of Col. Wilder, called Hero, and Abundant were regarded as promising. For successful Plum culture, "we would suggest to persons, if they have an enclosure in which fowls are confined, and the the ground is suitable in other respects, to plant it with plum trees," and we will further not only "suggest," but positively say from actual observation of the facts, that if good healthy trees be all people care to have, the experiment will be eminently successful. A commendable feature of the Society, is the care the committees give to the examination of vegetables.

Much discrimination is shown in testing and judging the value of varieties.