This distinguished botanist had a narrow escape from a serious accident on his recent botanical trip South. He was on the train which broke through the bridge near Wytheville, Virginia, and in which accident some of the Company's employes were killed. The locomotive, tender and baggage-car went through, and left the car in which was Professor Gray, and friends, just on the edge of the yawning gulf. When, as in the case of the Ashtabula bridge accident, useful men and women lose their lives, there is no end of examinations as to why a rotten bridge is allowed to stand; but when only a few feet stands between a similar national calamity, nothing is heard about it, and other bridges go on rotting away until some more precious lives are sacrificed. In these days of scientific advancement, there can be no possible excuse for a rotten bridge, and in all cases where accidents result from such carelessness, the State should not wait for prosecutions for damages by injured individuals, but heavily fine all companies on whose roads such accidents occur.