The correspondent of the New Jersey Liberal Press, to whom we referred in our last, now sends us the following additional note. As he lives in a vicinity crowded by those who love the plain language, he doubtless hopes to be forgiven : " Thanks for the good hearty laugh at the notice of my strawberry complaint in your Monthly, page 303. 'And thus growleth' he not for the progress, development or improvement in new fruits, but the unfounded swindling puffs about new and wonderful berries, etc., which the vender must know are false, and we ignorant - per force - buyers must wait for one year or more to find it out; by that time they are honest enough to acknowledge the error (plants all sold I presume first) but, they now have something really good, very large, just the thing, etc.; price high, but not too high for such a treasure; so it goes. Even temporary King Sharpless, is named in Moore's newspaper, New York, the Shapeless".