B., Cincinnati, writes: "A few years ago my evergreen hedge was very beautiful. The top was so level as if it were a planed board, and the sides so upright that a plumb line would hardly touch a leaf. Now there are few branches alive at the bottom; and all the foliage is at the top. Is there any remedy?"

[We fear not. Our friend can scarcely be an original reader of our magazine, as we have continually shown that to keep a hedge with perfect leaves at the base, these base leaves must have light, which they cannot have perfectly when the sides are upright. No hedge can be kept in perfect condition from bottom to top, unless the sides are trimmed slopingly from base to apex, like A. When we started the Gardeners' Monthly twenty years ago, these square up hedges were common, and we have taken some credit to ourselves for correcting this error. There are none now about Philadelphia, and there ought not to be anywhere. - Ed. G. M].