President Hoopes and Secretary Engle have cause to be proud of the production of a volume like this. It is probably unique in beauty and value among any of the kind published, and this too in spite of the fact that this society has perhaps less income than any similar society in the United States. The fruit plates are exqusitely drawn and engraved. One of the blemishes is in a paper contributed by Mr. Chas. H. Miller, landscape gardener to Fairmount Park. He contributed two papers on landscape gardening, one illustrated by two plans - one showing an unimproved farm garden, the other how it might be beautified by landscape gardening at a small cost. The text for the latter has been left out, and the plates put in with the chapter having no connection with them; the paper will probably re-appear and the error corrected next year. One dollar sent to the treas-urer, Geo. B. Thomas, West Chester, Pa., con-stitutes a person a member of the society for | one year; but these proceedings, part of the member's free privileges, are surely worth this sum alone.