With thanks which no language can express, for the repeated honors conferred on me, and for your kind cooperation and support during this long period of official service, and with the assurance that I have no higher ambition than to be associated with you in a cause so honorable, and to be a co-worker while life should last, I deem it, under present circumstances, my duty to tender my resignation as President of the Society. Under the belief, so often expressed by you, that my official services were important to the establishment and success of our Society, I have willingly conformed to your wishes, and should my health be fully restored, which I fondly hope will be the case, I will cheerfully respond to any call you may make on me. I beg to assure you that whatever my relations may be to you, I shall ever entertain a lively sense of gratitude to those with whom I have been associated and an ardent desire and ambition to promote the welfare and renown of our Society. If honor, distinction, and respect have been attached to the office, I have had them lavished on me; if toil, anxiety, and expense, then I claim to have borne my full share.