The pitchers of this are two feet high, slender at the base and widening towards the top, - being shaped much like a tin fish-horn. They are mostly a fine green color, but towards the top are pure white, netted with crimson. The flowers are crimson.

Sarracenia Flava

The pitchers in this are erect, and two to three feet long, narrow at the base, widening upwards, and forming a large open throat, with a broad lid. The color is a fine bright green. A light yellow flower is produced on a tall stem; but even without this, the plant attracts great attention.

Sarracenia Psittacina

The most compact in its growth, and one of the finest of the Sarracenias. The pitchers are beatifully tinted, and mottled with white and rose color, and are very oddly shaped, being crooked like a parrot's beak.

Sarracenia Purpurea

Our hardy Northern Pitcher-plant, which for quaintness of shape, and fine markings, is second to none of the family. We have made a selection of some fine plants of varied and distinct character.

Sarracenia Rubra

These pitchers are slender, varying from one to two feet in length. The color is bright green, profusely marked with crimson veins. The purplish red flowers have the odor of violets.

Sarracenia Variolaris

This throws up pitchers eighteen inches long, which are green, finely mottled with white. The flowers are yellow".