Saxifraga Pennsylvanica

W.H.P.,Iowa City, Iowa. This is the plant you send. It is widely spread through damp meadows in the Northern Atlantic States. Though devoid of beauty, it is an interesting member of the great family of Saxifrage.

New Plants

The trade in new plants must be something enormous in England, judging by what we find in two new catalogues before us, issued by B. S. Williams, of Upper Holloway, and Mr. Wm. Bull, of Chelsea. By a casual glance we find that if a person were to order but pne of each of the many novelties enumerated in these lists, the bills would run up to some thousands of pounds.

A Seedling Plant

The daily papers have accounts of a strange plant from Australia which will send animals to sleep for weeks, months or even years, and they can then be awakened to resume life just at the point they left off. It will be a capital thing for insolvent debtors. They can lie away in a box or closet till their importunate persecutors are no more. Rip Van Winkle no doubt ate some of it.

Maine State Pomological Society

Fourth Annual Report, from Geo. B. Sawyer, Wiscasset. In our last year's notice we referred to an interesting feature, the publication of plans of existing small gardens. This is continued here; a plan of the house and grounds of the late Dr. J. C. Weston, of Bangor, being given.

Mr. J. T. Lovett

This gentleman, formerly with Messrs. As her Hance & Sons, has entered business on his own account at Little Silver, Monmouth Co., New York.

Collecting Orchids

We are in receipt of numerous letters from persons who want employment in collecting Orchids in Brazil, and in South America, or who have brought collections and wonder where to sell them. With our increasing close relations with these countries, we suppose there will soon be enough for all demands.

North Texas Pomological Society For 1879-80

Officers: President, H. Tone; Vice-President, Jesse W. Bell; Treasurer, W. Robinson; Secretary, T. V. Munson; Executive Board, H. Tone, G. Alkire, Z. P. Stone-man, C. C. Burns, J. W. Bell.

Encouragement For Roses

As we write the competition for the Rose Premiums of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society is in order, and ought to bring out rivalry. $150 in a silver cup for the best twenty-four hybrid per-petuals is worth trying for. In the shape in which the society offers this premium it is different to the old ways of doing things, for the winner of this premium is likely to be well advertised.