The public prints have been very urgent that something should be done to preserve or encourage forest planting. In Pennsylvania, Governor Hartranft was urged to recommend to the legislature that something should be done. The governor with that good sense for which he has been, of all Pennsylvania's governors especially favored, inquired what he should recommend? To this he never could get any other answer than that something should be done. So, tired of this urging, in one of his addresses he did recommend that something should be done. So the governor's recommendation was turned over to the House Committee on Agriculture, which has now decided that forestry in Pennsylvania must be encouraged, and that something shall be done. So the committee has reported a bill which is at this writing before the House for consideration, that "any person who plants four shade trees along the public highways, is to have one dollar bounty given to him, payable out of the highway taxes." The highways of Pennsylvania are in a large number of cases nuisances during Winter and early Spring, and it is hard to understand how such a law is to add to the improvement of the road-beds. But the stealing of the money that should be spent on the road-bed in order to encourage forestry, and to the extent of planting four trees for a dollar is a new version of "robbing Peter to pay Paul;" but it will probably satisfy those who have been so afraid that Pennsylvania is soon to become an arid waste that "something has been done".