At the good old age of seventy-nine, passed away in the last month of February, one of our best known and most respected nuserymen, Stephen Hoyt of New Canaan Connecticut. He was like so many of our best nuserymen, drawn into the business from a natural love for fruits and flowers, and not from an early apprenticeship to the business, for he was originally a school-master, and subsequently turned his attention to mercantile pursuits. In his thirty-seventh year he changed from city life to a farm which he purchased from the Selleck family, after whom the well known pear of this name was called. He commenced the nursery business in 1848. In 1856 the present firm of Stephen Hoyt & Sons was established, and we suppose will be continued under the same title as heretofore. Mr. Hoyt took an active part in the management of local affairs; and besides served in the legislature of the State at a time when it had not become fashionable to leave the selection and nomination of public servants to the least intelligent portion of the community as now.

Mr. Hoyt's death was regarded a public calamity to New Canaan, for the whole community seemed to turn out at the funeral to do honor to his remains.