Strawberry Aphides

If any one troubled with this insect will send a few fresh specimens to Mr. Jos. Monell, care of Mr. Henry Shaw, St. Louis, Mo., who is making a special study of this class of insects, he and the editor will be obliged.

Hardiness Of The Pecan Hickory

Mrs. S. H. W., Philadelphia: The pecan nut is quite hardy in Philadelphia, and possibly in most all of the Northern States. A very large tree on the grounds of Dr. Dunton, in Germantown, Phila., bears perfect nuts freely we believe every year.

The Word Mignonette

A correspondent of the Gardener's Chronicle explains:

"Mignonette is an old-fashioned French term for ordinary pepper, ground a little more coarsely than usual, to be eaten with oysters, or to season ragouts, and is not applied to any different species or substitute for pepper. ' Mignonette ' means simply 'little favorite;' we apply it to the sweet smelling plant, which the French, with greater precision, call Reseda".

Mr. Geo. Cruikshanks

As we go to press we notice the death of this estimable Massachusetts horticulturist, which occurred on the 7th inst. Though not known much to the general public, in a quiet way few have done more to make horticulture popular with intelligent people in his part of the world.

Mr. John T. Lovett

This gentleman formerly connected with the nurseries of Asher Hance & Sons, of Red Bank, N. J., has taken an interest in the firm of E. P. Roe, Cornwall on the Hudson, N. Y.

Guides For Science Teaching

By Professor Geo. L. Goodale. Published by the Boston Society of Natural History, No. 2, "concerning a few common plants," two small tracts. We do not know whether these works are distributed freely by the society, but if not the two cannot cost over a quarter of a dollar. It would be difficult to give anything more valuable in so small a compass. Every teacher including parents, will find these "guides".just what is needed to interest children in the science of common things.

Proceedings Of The Montgomery Co., 0., Horticultural Society For 1878

From E. E. Barney, Dayton, Ohio. A volume of eighty pages, and will probably compare even with the very popular transactions of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in the variety and richness of its contents. Ohioans may well delight in this model society.

The Royal Horticultural Society Of London

This distinguished body has honored Col. M. P. Wilder by electing him a correspondent; an honor we need not say very worthily bestowed.

The New York Horticultural Society

This seems to be in a very prosperous condition. The meetings are held regularly at Republican Hall, 55 West Thirty-third Street on the first Tuesday of each month, and the premiums offered for plants and flowers are very liberal. Mr. James Y. Murkland, 12 Courtlandt Street, New York, is the recording secretary.