It is worth while reminding our readers, that when they send the editor any thing that they wish to prepay, by the Adams Express, the package should always be marked "Paid through to German-town," otherwise this model Company is tolerably certain to insist that the sender only paid it in part. Of late years we have refused all such boxes, though it may have subjected us to the appearance of smallness on the part of the sender, who really believed they were paying all charges. Numbers here have not the nerve to risk this odium. Young ladies at our boarding schools who have sent to them parcels from parents and friends have to pay out of their slim pocket money for parcels, which their friends suppose paid in full, and the young people wonder why it was only "partly paid" but say nothing; and so the custom goes on. The Adams Company may have very good reason for this, and so far it is no business of ours; but we want to say to our readers that it is not necessary to mark "paid through" on anything that comes to us from Boston, by the New York and Boston Despatch Company, or the Delaware and Lackawanna Express from New York.

After a year's experience with these lines, we find packages promptly delivered, and we have no extra sum whatever to pay, and the charges of what we send by them moderate.