This periodical is now entering: its fourth volume. It is designed to be a means of inter-communication between botanists, and how well it has accomplished its purpose the numerous contributions from leading botanists in the past volume show. Our text books tell us how to find out the names of plants, and how plants are to be classified, but in the life histories of plants many chapters have yet to be written. It is wonderful how much there is novel and interesting in most of the plants we see, about which few people know, and it is the mission of just such a serial as this to keep people informed of what is being discovered. It is only a dollar a year, and this is of itself a great point in its favor in "hard times." It is published by John M. Coulter, Hanover, Indiana.

The Amateurs' Hand-Book of Practical Information for the Workshop and Laboratory, New York Industrial Publication Company. Full of directions for little things in the field, workshop or dwelling house, and well worth the ten cents asked for it.