We see it stated that " Thomas Meehan says it is fifty per cent, larger than the Mammoth Cluster." We have no idea that Thomas Meehan ever said anything of the kind. In the first place he would not probably have spoken by " per cents," but have used the plain old Saxon "half as large again," or, "two-thirds " the size of the Mammoth Cluster. But then, again, we do not believe that Thomas Meehan or any other person ever saw a Gregg as large as these figures convey the impression. We believe this variety is generally larger than any other kind yet known, and the venders should be satisfied with this praise.

This variety, unquestionably the best of all the Black Caps, was found by a lawyer named Gregg, on the hills of the upper Miami, in 1868.

This maintained last year its previous promise to be the best Black Cap raised, so far.