S. B. K., Houston, Texas, writes : " It is of much value to know the experiences of the correspondents on the hardiness of the Japan Persimmon. It is however a matter of so much importance that it would be a favor to know the views of the Editor himself".

[The Editor can only form his views as any correspondent can, from the weight of evidence. As a mere " opinion," a mere guess while waiting for the actual experience it would be against the hardiness, because the plant is not new to cultivators. Ventenat, the distinguished botan-ist,in the early days of the French revolutron,tells us there were large numbers of them growing in the celebrated nurseries of M. Cels, near Paris, from Japan seeds, and it is well known that they have been more or less introduced continually the past one hundred years, yet we fancy no one can refer to a full sized tree anywhere in Europe any more than here. If we are not much mistaken, Mr. W. S. Carpenter, of West Chester, New York, had some in the open air to test years ago. Perhaps he could tell us about them. At any rate it is such experience that is wanted, and not the mere guess of the Editor, which might only prejudice the case. - Ed. G. M].