E. R. M., Lacon, Ill., writes: "I enclose a photograph of the Lacon Strawberry. Please observe that the plant shown had thirteen crowns and one hundred and eighty-nine berries. The large ripe berries shown were only average size. The box introduced is the regular Michigan quart berry box, introduced to give relative size of fruit. This fruit was picked from matted rows with just the least cultivation, no high farming or filling, and no picking off berries to make these grow large; but more than half the berries marketed from the patch were as large and some a great deal larger than these in photograph.

[We can only say that the photograph looks very well; but we are getting almost tired of letters with specimens of fruit which always tell us that the fruit is from "neglected" plants, plants growing in "poor locations," growing in " poor seasons," and all sorts of poor conditions.

Why do they not send us the best they have ? - Ed. G. M].