The useful little Botanical Index of Indiana, has not come to our table for some time, but by a communication from a friend, we learn that it has announced that the " Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States" has suspended publication for want of patronage. The contrary is the fact. The work as proposed to be finished in ninety-six chapters, has been completed, and not suspended; and as it is electrotyped and chromo-litho-graphed, it may be had by any one during the next century.

When it was projected, it was announced that if the public seemed to desire it, another series of ninety-six chapters should be issued. Instead of there being a want of patronage for the first, the publishers were encouraged to go on at once with another. This also has been completed, and one-half the issue delivered to subscribers. For this set also the " patronage" has been sufficient to warrant the preparation of a set of drawings for a third set of ninety-six chapters, for which the editor will prepare the MSS. the coining year. Indeed the patron-age has been all that the editor and publishers had a right to expect for so expensive a work. Three separate sets, making near 300 of our leading wild flowers, will certainly be illustrated and described; and there is no reason, so far as mere " patronage" is concerned, that we can see, why the work should be " suspended" in any sense, till all the leading wild flowers of the United States have had some justice done to. them.