Having been associated for nearly two years with the originator of the Lady Washington, - Mr. J.H. Ricketts of Newburg, N. Y., - in cultivating and propagating his seedling grapes, and now being pecuniarily disinterested, I have had an opportunity of observing their habits, and testing their qualities from day to day possessed by few and perhaps no other person; hence I am prepared to judge understandingly of the merits and demerits of this and other seedlings of his production, and under these circumstances I venture to offer the following remarks :

The Lady Washington is a cross between the Concord and Allen's Hybrid, the former being the female parent from which it imbibes the majority of its characteristics as you will observe by the following description:

Vine, vigorous, hardy, and productive, resembling Concord in habit of growth, wood, and foliage; leaves, large, thick, downy on the under side; bunch, very large, compact, generally double shouldered; berries, medium, round; color, semi-transparent yellowish amber, with a tinge of delicate pink suffused over the sunny side, and covered with a thin white bloom; flesh, tender, juicy, sweet, few seeds, and almost without pulp; skin, thin, but sufficiently tough to pack and carry well; ripens about the time of Concord, and is a promising grape for the vin-yardist and the amateur, and I predict for it a brilliant future. Should you consider these remarks acceptable, it will afford me pleasure to describe other varieties of Mr. Rickett's origin.