While those who believe that it takes a whole lifetime to get a wood lot into profit, and who are spending no end of time and effort in getting "legislation," the more practical are taking the advice of the Gardener's Monthly, and are planting in those places where timber will certainly be wanted; and with that sense and judgment which selects those kinds just suited to local soils and local wants, are making handsome profits long before their last wills and testaments are read. This is what the San Francisco Bulletin says:

" With the next good soaking rain the tree-planting season will fairly begin. Those who planted forest trees five years ago, either in the fields or by the way side, are beginning to reap the benefit, both in the augmented value of lands, and in the fuel which these trees furnish by cutting in and trimming up".

There are thousands of places in the Union where timber is a drug, and will be for years, and which it is wise to burn oft" and plant with more profitable crops; on the other hand, there are numberless places where forests could be profitably planted, and which would pay for the planting in five years; make a handsome profit in ten; and yield a nice little fortune in fifteen; but we would not answer for these results where good sense and judgment are lacking.