The Value Of Absence

The editor has been off pulling weeds and tasting fruits about Saratoga, Lake George, the Adirondacks, Rochester and elsewhere. When he gets back on the first of October, and sees how good this number is, he will no doubt want to go again.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

This society holds its fifty-first annual meeting in its hall in Philadelphia this year on September 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. Premium lists may be obtained from A. N. Harrison secretary.

American Institute

The forty-eight annual exhibition will be held in New York, from September 17th, to November 22d. The premiums for fruits, flowers, etc.. are very liberal, and copies of the schedule may be had of John W. Chambers, secretary, New York.

National Agricultural Congress

This meets in Rochester, September 15th, and will close just about the time the Pomological Society begins. Mr. Jonathan Periam, editor of the Prairie Farmer is secretary.

The Western Michigan Agricultural and Industrial Society, will hold its first annual exhibition at Grand Rapids, on September 22d and 27th.

A New Stock For Roses

The Journal of Roses says that Rosa polyantha, a species recently introduced into France from Japan, is likely to prove an excellent stock for grafting roses on. But we doubt whether it will be for us any better than the common Prairie Rose for this purpose. Rosa polyantha is said to be very sweet-scented, and will probably be worth introducing for its own merits.

The Boston Public Garden

The Boston papers speak in high praise of the Boston Public Garden, which, under Mr. Doogue's management, are said to be very beautiful indeed.

Vanilla Trees

The delightful fragrance of the flowers of the Paulownia has obtained for them the name of "Vanilla trees." The English papers complain of thus robbing the Vanilla of its name; but it must be borne in mind that the "Vanilla" did not come by its name honestly. According to DeCandolle, the Heliotrope is the "original" Vanilla.

Grounds Of The Lehigh University

The grounds of this great institution have recently been completed from plans made and executed under the direction of Mr. Chas. H. Miller, the consulting landscape gardener of Fairmount Park. The newspapers of that region speak in the highest terms of the beauty of those grounds, as improved by Mr. Miller.

Single Tuberoses

There is a tendency in the Tuberose to produce plants with single flowers, to the annoyance of the lovers of the real double Tuberose. But of late the single flowered form has been in demand for its earliness. It is in the Philadelphia market two weeks before the double, and brings good prices.