A Bucks County, Pa., correspondent says: "The Water Apple is the best apple to plant in low frosty places. I have never seen them injured by frost. Freezing has done more damage in our neighborhood than most people are aware of." To which we would add, that it is a kind which bears freely on young-trees, and makes a very beautiful growth, points which will make it a greater favorite than the present popular Pennsylvania, "Smith's Cider" Apple. - Ed. G. M].

A correspondent says in a private letter, referring to a note in the Gardener's Monthly some months ago: "I am glad you are pleased with the Water Apple. Some ten or twelve years ago I sent grafts all over the country. Your report is the first I have heard from. No apple tree could be planted in a small place that would be more ornamental, on account of its handsome shape and the large quantities of apples it bears. For extensive orchard culture they are too tender, but I have hundreds of trees bearing, they pay very well especially in seasons when apples are scarce".