A correspondent of the Michigan Farmer, complains in that paper that various persons are circulating reports about peach trees from here, or from there, or from the other place, having the "yellows," and indeed that it is anywhere but in their own stock.

It reminds us of a time when the writer of this was jaunting it through Kansas. A few of the party getting tired of weeks in a Pullman car, concluded to remain for the night at a hotel in a leading city, near where our car was posted for the night. The runners for the rival hotels said their best. When one was about to drive off with our stragglers, the rival runner remarked that that party were "doubtless the entomological part of the party looking up for the night some subjects for study." The effect of the speech was to draw off half the party to the others' house. But it turned out that it was just in that house that the memorable "subjects for study " were found. Our friend Lyon, the correspondent referred to, may take heart from such experiences.